For Individuals and Couples

How does it work

The first step is to get in touch and arrange an appointment. You can do this by phone or email. 

The first consultation is referred to as an Assessment Session during this session we will agree the terms and conditions of our work. 

This involves: 

  • establishing the limits of that confidentiality in our meetings. 
  • Identifying the problems you are experiencing at present. 
  • Signing a counselling contract which sets out the costs of counselling, the times of your regular appointments, location of counselling, the termination and the cancellation policy for counselling. 

How long is a counselling session?

  All sessions are 50 minutes long for individuals and 90 minutes long for couples.

What will it cost?


Sessions are invoiced at £40 for individuals and £70 for couples.

How am I expected to pay?

You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. You will be expected to pay before the start of your counselling session, and you will be charged if you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment we have agreed.

How long do people have counselling for?

There is no hard and fast rule. For some people it is a matter of a few sessions, for others it can be much longer. Rest assured that we will discuss your progress and ultimately you will know when you feel better and when you will no longer need counselling. 

Quite a few clients will reengage with counselling periodically as their life changes direction or to have some extra support. This is absolutely ok. We believe that your mental and physical health are dependent on each other, so just like you would go to the gym to get physically fitter, so we believe we might use a counsellor to help us overcome the mental challenges we face in our 24/7 world. 

What is different about working with teenagers or children?

There are considerable differences between counselling for adults and counselling for children or teenagers. They largely revolve around Ethical, Legal principles and Safeguarding principles. 

It is useful for parents to meet with a counsellor to discuss the support their children need before they start counselling. There are a number of different contracting principles for working with children or teenagers. A counsellor will talk you through at the start of the process.

What if we/ I don’t like a counsellor?

Good counselling outcomes are dependent on you developing a good relationship with your counsellor. You will know within the Assessment Session if the relationship is likely to work for you. Please don’t be afraid to say how you feel. After all, we all want the best outcomes

What types of things can we work on together?



Workplace stress

School and exam Stress

Panic Attacks

Bereavement / Loss and grief / Miscarriage / Divorce 

Low mood / Low self esteem 


Relationship breakdown

Anger management


Eating disorders and disordered eating

Post-Traumatic Stress

Support for parents struggling with teenage children